General questions for Insecticide Manufacturers/Exporters/Importers
Account registration in this Portal is required for all the Manufacturers/Exporters/Importers of Insecticide/Pesticide belongs to India. This portal provides facility of online Application for Pesticide registrtaion under varius Categories. Also there is a facility for submittion of past (3yrs) data required by CIBRC.
Applicant/Company can write letter to Secretary CIBRC at (cibsecy[at]nic.in) on the letter head of the same Company for which the correction is required.However incase of change of address, the company has to apply in the endorsement module of this portal.
If any application under 9(3) gets rejected in the preliminary scrutiny, The company can apply again for the product under the same category without any fee. The Applicant has to mentioned the Computer Sr. No. of the application that got rejected in the Preliminary Scrutiny. This exemption will be one time against one application. If the application got rejected from RC, then there will be not fee exemption on reapply for registration of that same product.
Registered users are advised to change their password on regular intervals for security reason. Change Password option is available in the Edit Profile .
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Click on link 'New User Rigistration Here'
  • Provide FirstName, Middle name, Last Name
  • Provide Email Address
  • Provide Password , Confirm password
  • Provide Captcha Code
  • The click on Submit Buttun.
  • If provided email address is correct then an activation mail will be sent to this email ID. This link will be active only for 24 hours.
  • Incase You do not receive the mail. Then Click on link 'User Account Activation'.
This is the second step of User Registration
  • Click on link 'User Account Activation'
  • Provided email address and the password that you provided during User Registration.
  • You will get a form for filling Company details
  • Carefully fill this Form . Avoid special character in the fields i.e. @#$%^&!
  • Then click on Submit Buttun.
  • You will get a message your account has been created successfuly.
The existing payment option is with SBI Netbanking. This is a secure platform ensures timely payments and a secure environment.
General questions for the state Director of Agriculture
The Login for all the states have been created by CIBRC and has been communicated to the Director Agriculture of State through Letter . The Login/ default Password has been mentioned in that communication. The State User should not keep using the same password. They should periodically changed thire password.
After Login the State Director of Agriculture can see the details of the certficates of Pesticide Registartion issued for their state. They can download the copy of Certificate/ Label /Leaflet.